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Appraisals... Estate Services

Curatrix Group offers hard-to-find appraisal expertise in textiles, clothing, and furnishings. Whether you have a tapestry or a tablecloth, a vintage Dior, or a closetful of wild ‘70s platform shoes, one item or an entire estate, we can help.

We provide complete appraisals of personal property for charitable donations, insurance, damage and loss, and equitable distribution purposes. We are independent, USPAP-compliant appraisers. Curatrix Group appraisals are recognized and accepted by courts and the IRS.

And if you don’t need a formal appraisal but would still like to know more about what you’ve got, we offer object identification and opinion services, too!


Q: What kinds of things do you appraise?
A: We specialize in American and European textiles and costumes – things like quilts and samplers, vintage clothing, or linens. We also appraise decorative arts and furnishings – things like baskets, lamps, or chairs. If we feel your item is out of our area of knowledge, we will be happy to refer you to another appraiser with the appropriate specialization.

Q: Why do I need an appraisal?
A: Appraisals are usually used for specific purposes, such as gauging the amount of insurance you need, calculating and supporting a tax deduction for a charitable donation, valuing an estate, establishing retail value, or making damage or loss insurance claims.

Q. Are your services available in my area?
A: Yes. We are happy to come to you, or to make an appointment for you to come to us. Sometimes, if the items in question are few and fairly small, cllients choose to send them to us so we can examine them. Or, we can appraise items from photographs if it isn’t possible for us to see them in person.

Q: How much will an appraisal cost?
A: That will depend on several things, such as how many items you have, and how much research we need to do. We price appraisals either by flat fee, or by a competitive hourly rate. Once we have discussed the scope of the appraisal with you, we will give you an estimate of the cost. If you agree to the proposal, we proceed.

Q: Is the meter running as soon as I pick up the phone?
A: No. Phone conversations and e-mail exchanges about general aspects of the appraisal are normally free of charge.

Q: What will I get for my money?
A: We will provide you with a formal appraisal report. It will include a thorough description and a photograph of each item, an analysis of the market, and a bibliography. And, of course, each item’s appraised value.